Gray Wolf / Tanacross, AK



All photos are taken using Canon professional gear and lighting, utilizing all available skill and luck.

Never discount the importance of luck.


All images are copyrighted, and may not be reproduced

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                                                                                                                           Adult Porcupine

                                                                                                                           Adult Porcupine


Growing up in Alaska, it was hard not to pick up a camera to try and capture the elusive nature of some of the rarest animals on Earth. Over the course of the next 18 years, Bennett has traveled the world to photograph animals in their natural habitat, amassing one of the most thorough collections of wild bears and grey wolves around.


                                                                                                               Oregon State Football

                                                                                                               Oregon State Football


An avid sports fan himself, Bennett has been a staple on the sidelines of matches from NCAA Football to professional soccer for over 10 years. His photography has been featured by ESPN, the NCAA, and Sports Illustrated.






By working directly with labels and artists, Bennett has been able to photograph live concerts and fan experiences with musicians in a broad landscape of genres including top-40, hip hop, rock, and country.



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